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Roasted eggplant cooked with sautéed onions, garlic and mint, topped with whey and caramelized onions.



Diced crisp cucumbers mixed with mint and creamy yogurt.



Creamy yogurt, with sun-dried shallots and dill.

Mirza Ghasemi


Roasted Eggplant cooked with garlic in tomato sauce with eggs.



Pureed chick peas and garlic blended with tahini.

Baba Ghannouj


Smokey, roasted eggplant mixed with garlic and herbs, blended with olive oil.


Hummus with Vegetables


Pureed chick peas and garlic blended with tahini accompanied with fresh vegetables.

Dolmeh (Stuffed Grape Leaves)


Rice and herbs sautéed and wrapped in grape leaves.


Barley Soup (Soup-E-Joe)


Slowly cooked barley soup with Persian species.



Mix of fresh herbs, onions, garlic, red kidney beans, Persian noodles and spices topped with aged yogurt and caramelized onions.

Crushed Lentil


Slowly cooked cracked lentil with a touch of lemon and parsley.


Salad Shirazi


Diced tomatoes, cucumbers and onion mixed with mint, lemon juice and olive oil.

House Salad


Romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrots and olives served with house or choice of dressing.



Romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and crispy pita bread tossed with sumac vinaigrette.



Parsley, tomato, green onion, cracked wheat mixed with our house dressing.

Caesar Salad


Romaine Lettuce mixed with croutons and Caesar dressing topped with Parmesan cheese.

Greek Salad


Romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives, beets, onion, pepperoncini and feta cheese.

Stewed Dishes (Khoresht)



Cubes of tender lean beef, yellow split peas, saffron, tomatoes and sun-dried lime.

Gheymeh Bademjan


Braised beef, yellow split peas and eggplant in a tomato sauce, with Persian spices and sun-dried limes.

Ghormeh Sabzi


A savory medley of braised beef, sautéed herbs, kidney beans and Persian spices.



Chicken breast cubes cooked and mixed sweet/sour pomegranate sauce, delicate spices, and finely-crushed walnuts.



Roasted eggplant, cubes of tender lean beef sautéed with onions and seasoned with spices. Simmered in tomato juice.

Grilled Kabab

Barg (Filet Mignon)


A juice skewer of marinated tenderloin, charbroiled to perfection



Delicious fresh ground beef mixed with ground onions and over own special seasonings,charbroiled over an open fire.



A combination platter of one skewered ground beef and one tender filet mignon,charbroiled over an open fire.

Shish Kabab (Chenjeh)


Juicy skewers of marinated beef sirloin in cubes charbroiled to perfection

Koubideh Combo


One skewer of Koubideh beef & one skewer of Koubideh chicken with white rice and tomato.

Chicken Barg


Boneless chicken breast marinated charbroiled to perfection.

Grilled Kabab

Chicken Koubideh


Two juicy strips of charbroiled, seasoned ground chicken breasts.

Chicken Brest Kabab


Large delicious cubes of boneless breast marinated in our special house marinade

Chicken Soltani


Combination of one skewer of chicken barg or breast and one skewer ground chicken.

Lamb Chops (Shish Leek)


Five (5) marinated lamb chops, skewer and charbroiled over an open fire.


Salmon Kabab


A skewer of marinated Salmon charbroiled to perfection.

Shrimp Kabab


A skewer of jumbo shrimp brushed with fresh lemon and charbroiled.


Combination Plates

# 1 Pars Combos (2-3 people)


2 Skewers of Koubide Beef + 1 Koubideh Chicken + 1 Chicken Breast + 1 Barg + 2 portions of white rice and 2 choices of soup or salad

# 2 Pars Combos (2-3 people)


3 Skewers of Koubide Beef + 3 Koubideh Chicken + 1 Chicken Breast + 2 portions of white rice and 2 choices of soup or salad.

# 3 PARS COMBOS (2-3 people)


1 Skewers of Koubide Beef + 1 Chicken Breast + 5 Lamb Chops + 2 portions of white rice and 2 choices of soup or salad.

# 4 Pars Combos (4-5 people)


3 Skewers of Koubide Beef + 2 Koubideh Chicken + 2 Chicken Breast + 1 Barg + 3 portions of white rice + 2 portions of Baghali polo and 4 choices of soup or salad.

# 5 Pars Combos (4-5 people)


1 Skewers of Koubide Beef + 1 Koubideh Chicken + 1 Chicken Breast + 1 Barg + 5 Pieces of Lamb Chops + 4 portions white rice and 4 choices of soup or salad.

Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetarian "Ghormeh Sabzi"


A mixture of chopped parsley, green onions, cilantro and fenugreek sauteed to perfection, simmered with sundried lime and red kidney beans .

Gheymeh Fesenjon


A delightful vegetarian sweet and sour dish. Refined walnuts mixed with pomegranate and slow cooked.

Vegetable Kabab


Two skewers of fresh green pepper, tomato, mushroom, onion and squash.

Vegetable Combo


Combination trayof: yogurt, hummos, kashko bademjan, shirazi salad, grape leaves and fresh vegetables.


Speciality Rice

Baghali-Polo with Lamb Shank


Fresh and juicy lamb shank cooked over very low heat in tomato sauce with carrots, served with dill-lima bean rice or lentil, dates, caramelized onions and raisins cooked with saffron rice.

Albalo Polo with Chicken Kabab


Black sour cherry cooked with rice, served with chicken kabab.

Shirin Polo with Chicken Kabab


Slivered almonds, Persian pistachios, orange curls and carrots cooked with saffron rice, served with chicken kabab. span>

Adas Polo with Chicken Kabab


Lentil, dates, caramelized onions and raisin cooked with saffron rice, served with chicken kabab.

Zereshk Polo with Chicken Kabab


Sweet and sour barberry currant mixed with rice and served with chicken kabab.